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Frequently Asked Questions

What if employees have questions about their Plan Benefits?

They are encouraged to contact their plan attorney for all legal questions. Our representatives are also available by calling Guardian’s toll-free hotline. Members can look on our website under Plan Benefits, for a complete listing of benefits and exclusions.

How do employees use the plan?

Once enrolled, our Member Services Department is available to answer any questions by calling Guardian’s toll-free hotline.

Can the legal plan be used to sue an employer?

No. The plan cannot be used against the employer.

What if an employee quits or terminates employment?

Once an employee leaves their place of employment for whatever reason, they will be offered the opportunity to convert their membership to an individual status, enjoying the same benefits.

Can employees cancel their Guardian membership?

If a member is not happy with the services offered by Guardian, they should contact our Member Services Department with their membership information and reason for dissatisfaction. We will strive to resolve the situation if possible or otherwise cancel the membership.

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